We are QuestionScout. We’re working hard on creating an innovative, affordable data collection tool.
We make data collection easy and affordable.
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A truly remote company
Scouters work from home, wherever that might be. It could be in your actual home, on a sunny beach, or on a parking lot for all we care. We believe you should be able to work where ever you are the most productive, and where you can really be yourself.
A small, but strong team
We believe in keeping a small, tight-knit team results in the highest quality of work, and the best working environment where we can reward everyone on the team for their hard work and their efforts on making QuestionScout better every day.
We’re young
We’re a European business founded in 2018, helping individuals and companies globally by providing an affordable way to collect data.
We’re bootstrapped
We haven’t taken any funding, and we are never going to. This means we can create all of our tools with our users in our best interest.

Our Three Pillars

Open Positions

We’re currently not hiring for any positions, but if you still really want to work with us, you can drop us a message and we’ll get in touch as soon as a relevant position has opened!
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